Start building Valid English Reader App @2023-07-11

Despite the desire to expedite the release of the Valid English Reader App, numerous concerns persist that prevent its immediate launch. The concept of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is well understood, as is the futility of endless feature refinement. However, the prospect of users encountering difficulties and subsequently abandoning the app compels a drive for continuous improvement.

Recognizing the necessity of public exposure, efforts are being made to address these concerns. By documenting the primary issues preventing release and scheduling their resolution, progress can be made. While new concerns may arise, each resolved issue brings us closer to our ultimate goal.

The Ultimate Vision

The aim is to create a service that not only aids in my personal English learning journey but also serves as an effective tool for other second language learners.

The current workflow is as follows:

The goal is to streamline this process, making it more user-friendly and efficient.

Current Challenges and Proposed Solutions

  1. Feature Development
    1. Word scene collection
    2. Listening hours statistics
    3. Windows version
    4. Server-side Voice-To-Text to support pure mp3 file uploads
  2. App Delivery
    1. iOS TestFlight publication
  3. Stability and Security
    1. Unstable download speeds