1. First, you need to download this app to your MacOS/IOS/Android/Windows device.

  2. After you finish the installation, you can open the app and see the login page:

  1. Now, you can log in using your email or GitHub account.

If you use email to log in, you will receive an email with a 5-digit code. You need to input this code into the app. If it's correct, you will be directed to the main page.

  1. You will see a demo video. You can click to download and try our demo.

It will take some time to download the demo video. When it's finished, you can click the play button to play it.

  1. Now, you can watch the video.

When a word has not been marked, it will show a line under the word. You can click the word to show the explanations.

Add More Content from Podcast

  1. You can also download the newest content from the built-in podcast.

Add More Content from Local

  1. You can add your local content to the app. Just click the + button on the Library menu, and select the local audio/video files.

Currently, only mp3/mp4 files are supported, and you should also upload their corresponding srt (subtitle format) files